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Hello there! I have been working hard to get this story up and I have finally done it! I hope you all enjoy it and if you have not already, read the "Before Reading" page. I know, I know. It's boring, but it's needed. Anyways, this prologue was more light-hearted than I expected it to be. For any of you that read Song of the Nightingale, you may recognize a character here. If you have not read it already, I recommend it! I would just like to give a huge thank you to Livvielove for all her help. I have probably been annoying her with all my questions about my new computer and setting up this blog. She has more patience than I will ever have. Anyways, Livvielove gets full credit for this fabulous character from Song of the Nightingale. I recommend listening to this song while reading the prologue. Enjoy!

A man stared at the young man covered in dirt who looked as broken as he was back then. His violet eyes held too many secrets and a painful past he had refused to let himself recover from. The man sat down on an old bench that creaked against his weight as he waited to witness the death of Jasper Piers. Jasper Piers had in some ways was always meant to die.

He was self-destructive and never trusted himself. He was the definition of a dead man walking, waiting for something or someone to finally bring him to his long awaited grave. He was self-destructive, yet he didn’t want to hurt the ones he loved the most.

What was he waiting for exactly? He was waiting for something that made life living worthwhile. A choice, a decision that would change anything. The man laughed. He would get it at the price of dying himself.

The man’s train of thought was interrupted by the man’s companion, who sat roughly on the bench next to him. "Shit dude, I forgot my gummy bears."

The man’s eyes widened. “Oh, shit.” He got up from the old bench and stared around the corner as he looked for a candy store. “Do you think we would mess up too much if we went and bought a bag of gummy bears?”

"I mean... one bag of gummy bears can't hurt too much, right?" The man's companion put his head in his hands.

The man nodded. “What’s the worse that could happen? We run into Moping Piers? This...this is important. What the hell are we going to do while we wait if we don’t have gummy bears?”
The man's companion nodded firmly, his face serious. "You're absolutely right. We must do this."

The man and the man’s companion returned moments later, sitting on the bench eating artificial flavored gummy bears. The man watched as Jasper Piers peered into the distance and lifted his head towards Majnun, the god of Insanity and Magic’s, temple. It seemed like a forbidden thing to Jasper Piers. He was broken. He repeated to himself he was worthless. He could never be more even if he wanted to be. He was wrong.

The man paused for a moment as he took a green gummy bear out of the bag and stared at it. “He’s like...a melted gummy bear, isn’t he?”
"That's deep, man." His companion nodded. "That's real deep."
The man nodded emotionlessly. "I should make a poem about melted gummy bears."

"We should tell Jeffrey to have a poetry night at the bar sometime." The man's companion said as he stretched.
The man nodded again as he stared at the empty bag of gummy bears. "Oh shit..."

His companion stared down and sighed. "Now what are we going to do? I'm pretty sure that lady at the candy store recognized you despite your best efforts." He shook his head. "The lampshade was a nice touch though."
The man sighed and stared at his companion guilty. “It’s probably because she saw me steal the lampshade from her lamp.”
"Nah, dude, she didn't see you. You were totally stealthing all up in there." His companion said levelly.
The man nodded and stared sadly at the ground. “You know what I just realized? I can’t touch my toes.”

The man's companion reached over and smacked the man's shoes. "Don't worry, I got you covered man." The man’s companion’s eyes widened. "Oh shit! Here it comes man!" and start smacking the man’s shoulder.

The man shook his head. “Never trust the beginning of a shitty story.”


  1. This was the most beautiful thing. (sniffles)

    Never trust the beginning of a shitty story, GOOD THING THIS ISN'T ONE.

    1. Oh those two are a mess. XD Awwww, thank you! Jasper is....he's special.

  2. Not shitty at all! Can't wait for more!!!

    1. Awwwwww! I love your comments. Chapter one should be coming up in...five minutes? XD

    i love the dialogue oaishfaslkadd

    1. Blams! I missed your comment after all this time! Aaaahh! Thank you!


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