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Chapter 1.2 - Brace Yourself

I finally got this chapter up! Yes!! Just a huge thanks to Livvielove for character dialogue and teaching me how to make poses and edit pictures. The edits aren't the best, it's my first time though it was pretty simple. Just take that into mind when you judge them. I have yet another song for you.
Enjoy the chapter! It is called "Sucker For Pain" for anyone that can not access the link. =)

Jasper groaned a he woke up face-first on the rusty blue park bench as it creaked against his weight.

His eyes opened up wide as he turned his body to stare at the water fountain still gurgling it’s endless stream of water.

Everything screamed ancient in Dragon Valley, even the people themselves worn down by the endless torture of the cruel gods.

He shook his head groggily.

That had been some strange dream. It wasn’t like anything good as that happened in Dragon Valley. What was he thinking? What had been the good in that absurd dream? Jasper yawned sleepily. the hell was he here?

His worn-out sneakers glared back at him, one looking oddly out of place and the other familiar. Jasper pushed himself to his feet as he frowned. Where the hell was his left sock? He shook his head. Someone stole his sock but not his shoe and left him on a park bench…? The whole situation just felt off and Jasper couldn’t name why.

He wiped the sleep from his eyes and stared into the fountain water’s clear reflection as he pushed himself up steadily with his hands as the bench squeaked against his weight.

What the hell? Jasper wiped his eyes again as he focused on the drawn of a mustache on his face with what seemed to be permanent marker.

Jasper debated the most logical course of action to take when he saw it and before he could come up with a conclusion his head was already in the water.

Why couldn’t he use his brain for once? Jasper pulled his head out of the water and wiped the mustache off with his hand.

He stared at the coins in the fountain as his hands reached for a few. No, he wasn’t a thief. This wasn’t him.

He dropped the coins into the fountain as he watched them leave his grasp. He sighed. This...this wasn’t going well. He was normal. He didn’t steal things. Jasper ran his fingers through his wet messy hair as he walked over to the bench on the same instinct that led him to steal those coins.

This wasn’t suppose to happen again. Jasper stared at the fountain as he searched in his pocket for a few coins as he pulled out a strange crumbled piece of paper.

He stared quizzically at it before opening to see a note written in permanent marker before he dropped it. He squeezed his eyes shut as he thought if he should just throw it in the fountain and be done with this mess.

Whatever this was. This didn’t happen to him. He was average, normal at best. Jasper opened his eyes against reasoning and read the note carefully.

Jasper sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair again. Friends? New friends? Jasper Piers did not have many acquaintances, and definitely no friends. He was working, searching for jobs. Not partying or doing whatever the hell other people did. Jasper took a deep breath and forced himself to think and go along with this mad woman’s game.

Think. Just think, Jasper. He didn’t have any friends, but what if they did? Jasper stared at the note.
Glad you liked our explosion, now I’ve got something for you. Jasper sighed and started walking towards the first place he thought to go to; the ruins of the mad god’s temple.

He peered at the sky that had once been bright but now was dark and filled with stars as Dragon Valley’s city lights turned on. How the time seemed to pass without him knowing. Just like many things.

He walked quickly as he stared at the note with a sense of peace he hadn’t felt in years as his tread broke into a run.

He darted towards the temple as he laughed lightly.

He stumbled upon the ruins of the temple.

All that was left of the temple was rubble that seemed to go along perfectly with Dragon Valley’s ancient shops, yet didn’t any longer.

The temple was covered in caution tape and fence surrounded the area to keep trespassers from coming into it to have a closer look. Yet there was no one guarding the area. It was strange even for Dragon Valley’s police force. Had they all run off to beg Agonin for aid? Most likely yet this wasn’t normal.

Jasper raised an eyebrow at the ruins as he thoughts about it. Magic. Daffodils had not been there before the explosion. This all screamed magic. Jasper’s eyes peered across the rubble, looking for something. Anything that suggested they might have friends in the area. Nothing did.

Jasper sighed. Where else would these people have friends? Did they even have any? Jasper sighed as he stared at the note hoping it would magically give him the answer somehow. He chuckled lightly to himself. That didn’t happen for humans. Not his world, not his place. Maybe it had nothing to do with the explosion? Jasper read the second line carefully. Cluck, cluck, Chicken Boy. Find what you’ll need amongst your friends. Friends? Your friends. Jasper scratched his head as he stared at the rubble nervously. He shouldn’t be here. He could be caught by Dragon Valley’s amazing police force and be blamed for destroying one of the wonderful god’s temples. He would have to offer a sacrifice to the amazing god of Insanity and Magic. That didn’t mattered to him, trying to appease a mad god who only ever tortured everyone and everything within his reach. He had people he was letting down right now. That’s what mattered.

Jasper pushed the thought away. He couldn’t think about it. Not now. He was human. He had no power and was easily killed if a puny god wished for it to be so. Why did this, whatever it was, matter so much to him to the point he was willing to give up everything he was suppose to stand for?

Jasper sighed. He was tired of being what everyone forced him to be, being what he was suppose to be. He was a freak, a misfit. A bad one at it too. Where did Chicken Boy belong? Among the chickens. Jasper’s eyes widened. He couldn’t go back. Not now. She was all he had. She was nothing.

Jasper stared at the ground. Going back to her had caused him to lose everything, yet he convinced himself he had to. Her pleading, her desperate attempts to contact him. “It was a bad time, Jasper. I was only trying to do what I could, Jasper. I took it out on you when I wasn’t suppose to, Jasper. Your father caused this mess. I’m better now. I married a good man. Please forgive me. You’re my son. Your sister misses you. Come home. Come home to your family.”  She had gone on and on every single day about it. She had found his phone number and kept calling him and texting him. She had found every single way to contact him that she could. His email, his phone...everything. At first he hadn’t responded. He had just deleted them and went on with his life as her pleading voice echoed in the back of his mind. He hadn’t told anyone about it. He didn’t want to worry them again. The messages started getting worse slowly. “What kind of man have you become if you won’t even respond to your own mother? What kind of person does this make you, Jasper? What about your family? Do you care about them? Do you still care about the woman that brought you into the world?”  He wasn’t suppose to care after everything. He thought he hadn’t.

He had a real home. He had real parents. It just continued to get worse and suddenly he couldn’t handle it. “You are becoming your father, Jasper. What happened to that sweet boy that had cleaned out the chicken coop? Why can’t you just see your family for once? That man took you away from me. He never told me how you were doing. I was so terrified for you. I never knew when you graduated high school. I never got to experience everything I was suppose to with my little boy. They took you away from me, Jasper. What happened to you? What happened to my little boy? Why don’t you care?” He broke and messaged her, pleading for some type of forgiveness she had convinced him he didn’t deserve. She had replied back, accepting her son that had ‘lost his way’ wholeheartedly as long as he came back to his ‘home.’ He packed everything up as the guilt threatened to swallow him whole and went to Dragon Valley where she told him he would have to earn his keep. He would live on the streets before she had properly ‘forgiven’ him. He couldn’t go back home. He couldn’t see the faces of the two people that had helped him through every obstacle in his life. He was just a slave to his guilt and shame, disguised by a goofy smile and a guitar. Why should he go back? Why should he go back because of a note?
Happy hunting and remember - you'll have new friends soon. As crazy as that woman sounded at times, she had promised something Jasper wanted, no  needed desperately; she offered him a fresh start. She offered him a chance at something better. Jasper sighed as he tucked the crumpled up note inside of his hoodie. Now how the hell was he suppose to get to the farm that had haunted his childhood nightmares?

He internally cringed as he thought of the close space the Chicken Coop had forced him into. Chicken Boy would have to go back to the farm to feed the chickens once again. Jasper stared at the ground. He didn’t have a car at the moment. He sighed as he tucked his hands into his sweatshirt’s pockets on instinct as he walked down the worn down path back to the park. The bright red trees seemed to clash with the night sky full of stars. Jasper took a deep breath as his hands trembled with a familiar feeling to him; fear. He was tired of being scared of an old woman that couldn’t hurt him any longer. He wasn’t a child. Jasper laughed lightly. He was never one to trust his instincts after what had happened, but he was now.  It was as natural as breathing to him. He pulled his hands out of his pockets as his eyes widened as a man seemed to appear out of nowhere leaning against a red pickup truck. How the hell…? Jasper shook his head. This was not the time to question it. Not today, later.

He walked slowly towards the dusty cobble roads as he stared at the pickup truck cautiously. This all screamed magic. Magic was not something Jasper Piers had or ever would, yet he continued on. He didn’t know why and he was done questioning it at the moment. He needed to stop questioning it. “Need a ride?” The man asked curiously. Jasper sighed as he weighed his options in his head. What the hell could really go wrong?  It seemed like it was going to be a long night and Jasper wasn’t sure if he was ready for it.


    Oh I loved this chapter! The edits were perfect!
    Jasper is amazing and I hope he can find himself with this new group of misfits... they're some pretty special people methinks.
    I loved this chapter so much!
    <3 You've outdone yourself!

    1. Awwwwwwww! I appreciate it so much! Oh they are indeed. Thank you for the amazing feedback, it means a lot to me. =D

  2. Sorry that I'm late to the party, but, OMG! That was brilliant! I loved the edits, and the fact that I could read the note myself was too cool for words lol

    1. Awwwwww! I'm glad you liked the note, I have been getting a lot of positive feedback about it and will continue doing similar things in the future. Thank you!

  3. This is really late but I'm here now and it's amazing! Really looking forward to reading more.
    And he did look better with the moustache :)

    1. Awwww, thank you! Jasper will never agree, but trust me, that is only the beginning of the silly things that happen to him. XD


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