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Chapter 1.6 - Jane

I have another song for all of you wonderful readers! Please enjoy the chapter! I would also like to thank Livvielove for writing such an amazing character and for Blams's beautiful unicorn facts. I love you two too much. XD

Jasper woke up staring at an unfamiliar ceiling.

He groggily shook his head before pushing himself to his feet and staring at dark, expensive wooden floors. Where the hell was he? What happened after the temple? Why wasn’t he at the temple? What the hell happened at the temple after he ate the stew? Was that all some weird dream? Why couldn’t he remember how he had gotten here? Was that really a dream at all? A strange part of him hoped not. He hoped the chaos was real. All of it. Even the flashbacks that he had suffered through and had in a moment of vulnerability, called his mother and caused her more harm than good by telling her how he was doing because he was having a panic attack. He had never intended to hurt her but the experience had made him muster up determination one more time to do something he had thought he had never been able to do and he had done it. He did it. It wasn’t a dream, he did it. He did something. He finally did something. He wasn’t worthless. He did something with his life finally, no matter how insignificant and damaging it may have been to others. He did something.
He just..wasn’t sure where to go now anymore. Where did you go when you finally have proven you aren’t as worthless as you thought? His eyes glanced over the empty room he had found himself in before he caught sight of the crumpled up note stuck to a brown door.

He took a tentative step forward towards it before taking a deep breath and walking quickly towards the note. He needed to know what he was suppose to do next. He felt like he finally had a purpose because of the random notes sent his way from Mania. He read the note hastily before realizing it hadn’t been what he had expected.
"Great work, Chicken Boy! What a show! Sorry we had to miss it, the master has us caught up in something big. Don't worry though, we haven't forgotten you! Welcome to your home away from home! Hope you don't mind Lucky Palms - we figured you could use a change of scenery. Dragon Valley can get awfully dreadful, no?
Enjoy your stay, we'll see you in a week.
Also, good luck with the mythical creatures, and mind your head!
-XO Mania"
His eye’s widened as he read it over. He was in Lucky Palms? He could have sworn he had been in Dragon Valley…he had. He know he had been. How the hell did he get to Lucky Palms? He shook his head. Magic. It had to be magic. He wondered what Mania had meant by mythical creatures and what her master had gotten her - them caught up in. He pushed it aside. He knew they would be alright; they would all be. Jasper sighed and  took a step towards one of the many windows in the house and peered out the window. His eyes widened as he stared at an unfamiliar desert landscape in front of him. Lucky Palms. Wow. It was quite a difference from Dragon Valley already.

He looked over the empty house.How was he going to be able to stay in a house without any furniture?

A moment later after he thought it, a black armchair landed next to him as pieces of other furniture fell down to form a living room and a kitchen right before his eyes. He stared at the furniture, trying to take in the strange scene and how it had all gotten there. How? How was that possible? A hint of a smile made it’s way onto his face. Magic. If he had learned anything about Mania, Deliro, Quinn, and Kefka in this crazy scavenger hunt, he knew they were magical. 

He shifted uneasily as he got use to the scene before sitting in the chair that had landed next to him. He took a deep breath as he processed that he wasn’t in Dragon Valley and the fact that somehow furniture had just fallen from the ceiling at the exact moment he had thought if it. There would be furniture in the other rooms too if he was right. All of it was simple yet exactly what he needed.

 He sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair, trying to figure out what he would do with the spare time Mania had given him. He bit the inside of his cheek as he realized that he wouldn’t get any answers staying in the house all day long. He stepped towards the door before remembering he had been wearing the same clothes for days and he still looked homeless from being..well, homeless. He probably still smelled like shit too. He wondered if he thought of new clothes if they would appear like the furniture had. After looking around the house and a quick shower, Jasper looked through the dresser in the master bedroom and hoped he wasn’t accidentally stealing anything. He found a black t-shirt that looked clean and some pants he also thought were clean. He kept his worn out shoes and decided he was ready to go figure out where the hell he was. 

The desert landscape in Lucky Palms was so different Dragon Valley’s to the point Jasper found himself liking it. Lucky Palms didn’t seem as obsessed with the gods as much as Dragon Valley had. It was refreshing. He wasn’t sure how he had ended up here, but he was done questioning it. 

All he cared about knowing was why he was here. After going around in circles in the city, he finally admitted to himself that he was lost. Jasper sighed as he ducked into a quaint little bookstore to ask for directions. For it’s small size, the bookstore held more books than Jasper could imagine it would have been able to. The wooden floors creaked underneath his shoes as he awkwardly looked around the store for an employee. He cleared his throat as he glanced around. “Is uh...the store open? Anyone here?” 

There was a thumping sound and a slight groaning that came from behind the desk. "Ah! Yes! Uh, just... just a second!" It was a moment later a woman popped up, rubbing the top of her head as she stood. "I'm already short but of course I disappear when I-" She finally looked at him and cleared her throat, her eyes going wide. "What can... uh... What can I... uh... crap. Can I help you with something? I mean... no you just asked- What can I do for you?

Jasper laughed awkwardly as he looked at the woman before speaking. “Is uh...your head okay?” He took a step forward before realizing how he came off. “Fuck..I mean, there isn’t anything wrong with your head. It just sounded like you ended up hitting it…” He took a deep breath. “Fuck.” He was just asking for directions. Why was he so nervous? Why the hell was he so nervous? Aside from the fact that the woman was clearly gorgeous- he stopped himself. He couldn’t go down this path, not after what he did to Natalia yet...what was the harm in thinking this woman was beautiful? It didn’t mean anything. She was just a pretty woman. Yeah.

"My head? Oh! Yes... I think I end up whacking it so many times I hardly even notice it now... oh that sounds really bad... I uh..." She looked around nervously before smiling and looking back at him. "What can I help you with?"
“Well I uh..just needed directions. I’m kind of lost because I have no idea where the hell I’m at. I mean, I uh...just arrived at Lucky Palms.” He took another deep breath. He knew how to talk. He could talk normally. Why was he a mess?

"Oh? Oh! Welcome to the city then! It's a little more spacious than most cities but... it's home. Where are you looking to go?" The woman's brow furrowed as she asked the question. 

Jasper knew he was a goner when she made that face. He knew he didn’t deserve a second chance at anything after what he had done but...what could a little flirting hurt? A pang of guilt hit him as he mustered the courage to say something. “Wherever you are going at. At. Wherever you are going at. Fuck, I meant at. Ah fuck…” 

Her eyes widened slightly and she started giggling, her hand coming up to cup the bottom of her face. "Well then I suppose you've... uh... arrived at the right place?" She bit her lip to stop herself from laughing. "Are you looking for a book?"  
Jasper nodded as his face turned bright red and picked up the nearest book near him. 

“Uh..this one. I read a lot. My favorite one is from this-” Jasper sighed as he turned the book over so he could see the cover. Unicorns; A Guide for Small Explorers on Mythical Creatures. He looked around at the section he had grabbed it from labeled “Kids.” 

The woman had bit her lip harder before the laughter all came out at once. "For what... for what it's worth-" She breathed as she caught her breath. "That's one of my favorites too. Very seriously. I quite like the section on Griffins."
Jasper’s face turned redder. What the hell was he doing? He took out the wad of cash that had been left with a note saying it was his. He would pay it back eventually but...he took a deep breath as he tried to appear collected. “How much is the book? I would..I would like to buy it.”
The woman's eyes widened again before she grinned. "I'll tell you what, since you're new here... why don't you have it as a welcome gift! It's a real page-turner." She laughed again.

Jasper nodded. “Thank you and uh...have a good..afternoon?” It was afternoon, right? It didn’t matter because Jasper Piers had a plan. He turned around and started walking towards the exit before he ran into the door. “Ah fuck.” He swore under his breath. 

A small smile made it’s way onto Jasper’s face as he walked out of the door and stood there for a moment before remembering he forgot to ask for directions. He turned around and opened the door again. “Sorry I uh...forgot to ask for directions. Do you know the directions to the neighborhood ‘Lakeside?’”
She laughed and nodded. "Follow the street outside going that way!" She pointed. "You can't miss it!"

Jasper grinned as he went to close it before speaking. “What’s your name?”
She smiled softly at him. "Me? I... I'm Jane." She brushed some hair from her face. "And yours?"
Jasper’s grinned widened. “I’m Jasper.”

Jasper closed the door without it miraculously hitting him. He stepped into the sunlight as he grinned again. How was it that in a week his life would change so much? Jasper shook his head as he started walking in the direction Jane had pointed to. No more questioning it. Not right now. The feeling of being watched crept up, but he ignored it. This was going to be a good week and he wasn’t going to let a little paranoia get to him.

Jasper sat down on a couch and sighed with relief. He had called his mother and told her where he was and that he was safe. She had asked questions he couldn’t answer when his mind was still reeling from what had happened in Dragon Valley; and before it. It seemed like nothing had happened, yet everything had. He took a deep breath before setting it aside in his mind to deal with later. He would deal with it after the week was over.

He opened up Unicorns; A Guide for Small Explorers on Mythical Creatures and started reading. Somehow Mania had known that he would end up doing this and he wasn’t going to question how she did. A part of him told him to stop and that he didn’t deserve a second chance, but for once, it wasn’t the part of him winning. 

Jasper walked into the little bookshop holding Unicorns; A Guide for Small Explorers on Mythical Creatures as the bell on the door rang. A familiar voice shouted for him to come on in as he looked around to see if she, Jane, was working. He had stayed up to read the book on unicorns and at the end he had been proclaimed an “official expert on unicorns.” He sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair. How desperate was he to impress a girl he had just met?

Very desperate it seemed. Jasper looked around the little store and found her reading a book in the corner of the store, her brow furrowed as she read it. Oh gods. Her lips were pouted slightly as her eyes seemed to light up when she read the book as she adjusted her glasses that were about to fall her off nose. Her face was covered in freckles and...Jasper was a goner. There was no denying it now. He was a goner. He didn’t deserve a second chance but he spoke anyways. “Did you know when unicorns step on something solid it sounds like a musical melody?”

Her head jolted up and she nearly dropped her book as she scrambled to go after it. Her hands rushed to push her glasses up on her nose before sweeping her hair back. She straightened herself and smiled brightly. "Really? It's almost like how griffins can fly faster than a speeding helicopter..." She laughed sweetly and shook her head. "I see someone's done his homework!"
Jasper smiled softly and laughed as he stared at the book. He can’t remember the last time he smiled like that, but she seemed to be able to bring it out in him. “I just had some extra time to read and I…it was a page turner. Couldn’t stop reading. Got hooked. Now I’m an ‘official unicorn expert.’”

"They should really have a badge for it! Perhaps I'll have to make one... as soon as I find some materials... and some skills with art." Jane stood up, fidgeting with the hems of her clothes. "What can I do for you today, Mr. Jasper?" She pursed her lips and smiled. "After another page turner?"
Jasper laughed as his smile turned into a grin. “I’m not artistic myself. All I could do was play the guitar.” His grin widened. ”Your latest page turner, Ms. Jane.”  Would he read another children’s book to have something to talk about with her? Hell yes. He would do it until he finally got the courage to say something else. 

Her brow furrowed in thought as she looked at some of the shelves. "You know that book has a sequel, but there's also plenty of other books too! Do you have a genre preference?" Her gaze snapped back onto him with curious eyes. "I'm sorry, it's been a long time since anyone has asked my opinion on the books." Genre preference?
Jasper rarely read all. He couldn’t even remember the last time he had read one before yesterday. Jasper laughed nervously as he ran his fingers through his hair. Lie or to not lie? He sighed before speaking. “I uh...I actually don’t read as much I use to. I’m not sure what genre would be....the best?” Was that a good way to word it? He wasn’t sure. 

Jane's eyes widened and she smiled brightly. "That's the best way to start! Some people get very stuck in a genre and they never experience outside of it!" She held up her finger to her lips gently in contemplation before nodding. "Yes, I think I know just the book - it's one of my favorites! Would you like to give that one a shot?"

Jasper looked at the book as she handed him it titled Unity of Gold. Jasper grinned as Jane’s eyes seemed to brighten. “Thank you, Jane. I will read it and report back for another one as soon as possible.” He said teasingly.
Jane bit her lip and nodded. "I'd really love to know what you think. Will you be in town for long?”
Would he for long? He wasn't sure, but he hoped he would. Now how to word his specific...situation? He took a deep breath. “I'm not exactly sure but I know I'm at least staying for the rest of the week.” Jasper didn't know after that. It was up to Mania. He knew that he would follow those damn notes for as long as she, they, allowed him to.
Jane smiled, "then I hope it's a good week."


    if it's full of these two clumsy lovebirds
    omg they're so cute
    AND DAYUM JASP, black suits you.

    1. Yes indeed! Those two are so adorable together! Sorry for not getting back after....7 months. <.< >.>

  2. Read this yesterday but didn't get a chance to comment on it! I love the poses you used for Jasper! He looks so cute! The poor boy must be suffering some deep self-hatred though.
    I hope this crazy group can help him find himself... ;)

    Also, the flirting between Jane and Jasper was too much... hehe I can't wait to see where you lead us! LEAD ON.

    1. His self hatred makes me sad.:(
      Ah yes. That crazy group indeed.
      Woo! I'm leading you to seven months of silence and then a reboot!
      Hell yeah!

  3. aaawwww I so want to ship JanJas... the flirting was too adorable for words! I hope he stays longer than a week!!!

    1. They made my heart melt! Same here though this is before the rewrite. Rest assured, I'm pretty sure he did. XD


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