Sunday, December 10, 2017


The wolf darted through the green forest that blurred together, gaining speed.

He loved going for a run.
The feeling of the ground beneath his paws as he continued forward and felt whole. It was the feeling of belonging when he ran.

Why are we running?
The wolf tried to slow down his speed as he thought about the foreigner’s words. It was a delicate balance that had bonded them together with a ritual, allowing them to share a body. The wolf’s thoughts echoed through the foreigner’s head just as their thoughts echoed through his.

The choice to share a body was one they both had willingly made.
The wolf’s thoughts returned to the foreigner’s question after a second; why were they running?
It was enough to make him want to tilt his head and ponder why they were for a moment. Yet, he didn’t and continued on through the woods, the sky darkening as the day became night.

Did there need to be a reason why they were running?
Why couldn’t they just run for the fun of it?
This doesn’t make sense.
It didn’t?
The wolf tried to slow down to a stop, but found he couldn’t. The once darkening forest seemed to brighten as he tried to desperately stop running.

What kind of trick was this?
Was it a trick from the foreigner?
He barked as a growl began to grow in his throat.
Another wolf peeked from around one of the trees, her brown eyes staring directly at him. Her fur shimmered different shades of brown, all reminding him of gold in the sunlight.
She was radiant.
Sunlight danced on her fur as her eyes continued to glow.
It was enough to make him want to stop and ignore the foreigner begging for answers to questions he didn’t know.
Her wide eyes stayed on him as she waited for him to catch up to her.
A woman’s laughter filled the forest as they froze in place, mesmerized by her. She was like them, and they were connected to her.

The wolf needed to catch up to the female wolf that had threads of gold woven into her fur.
The foreigner needed to find the woman who laughed so effortlessly and beautifully that it filled up his head.
The wolf needed to catch up to her.
The foreigner needed to find her.
She wanted him to follow her.
She wanted him to find her.
He started trying to sprint towards her.
He yelped as his legs twisted and continued to run in the same direction he was going.
She whined softly as he continued to run farther and farther away from her.
The foreigner tried to seize control as the woman’s laughter faded and the trees became darker. Everything in them screamed to stop running and turn around as the wolf ran faster into the darkness.
The night fell silent as the sun was taken away and nothing was left worth hearing.

He lowered his head as the rush from running that had filled him with happiness moments before now filled him with despair.
They were overfilled with agony as the quiet forest now was consumed by the woman’s sobs. Everything ached as the wolf jerked forward and fell to the dark forest’s ground.

The man’s eyes flung open as he stared at the woman next to him. She adjusted her pillow and moved farther away from him.
The man stifled a yawn as he looked at her intently.
She’s not her. His thoughts echoed back.

Something in them felt final.
She wasn’t the woman with the beautiful laughter that stunned him in place.
She wasn’t the woman that he tried to desperately run out of the darkness to find and comfort.
She wasn’t her.

Guilt filled the man as a sense of finality was the final nail in the coffin.
His eyes flickered to the ceiling as he laid down.
It was just a dream anyways.

Hello! If this is your first time seeing my stories I'm Mpart! This is my story Edhen Dath. It's my baby. If this is not your first time, I want to apologize for the 7 month silence on this story as I started to reboot it. I promise you, most of it was put to good use. This story is back! I'll probably do an author's note about what I have been doing during my hiatus later. I hope you enjoyed the prologue and are going be on this crazy ride along with me. Also, just want to say a huge thank you to Livvielove for doing the picture of Jane and the wolf and helping me a shit ton with the filters for the dream sequence! I am also thankful for the angsty poses Blams has created that have been put to use in this prologue. XD


  1. YES
    How exciting!
    Who was that girl?? Not the dreaming one I bet, she looks kind of like a bitch. Mhm, just you know a gut impression.
    joking aside, this is fantastic and intriguing! Wolves? Possible werewolves? heeeee
    I'm so happy to be seeing Jasper again :D

    1. Oh my goodness! Sorry for not replying to this sooner! I'm so, so happy to finally get this up.
      Hmm...I wonder if she is... >.>
      It is!! I missed him a lot. Even though I was still writing him. Just feels nice to get this up finally.

  2. laskjdg;lasdkjgl;asj
    SQUEEEEEEE!!!! <3 <3 <3
    I would've waited seven YEARS if need be. <3 It was amazing!
    I'm SO. HYPED.

    1. I'm so happy! Aaahhh! Thank you! Hopefully this won't be seven years long but I'm happy that you enjoyed it! Thanks for all your help. <3


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