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Hello there and welcome to my humble little story. Whether or not you are new to my stories or not, I encourage you to read this. If you have read my old stories, this is for you especially.  First things first, this is not a family-friendly story. Don't go reading it to your children before bedtime. I recommend the Hunger Games for that anyways. What's childhood without a few healthy nightmares? Anyways, on a more serious note, if you are expecting a family-friendly story this isn't going to be one. It has cursing and it doesn't avoid realism. The subjects I approach are researched heavily and if they are done incorrectly in any manner, message me on Boolprop. My username is registered there as Mpart also. I'm always willing to learn more on the dark subjects I approach. My goal is to do them justice here while I could not on the previous forum I made my home. Speaking of which, some of these chapters are made to make you uncomfortable. It touches dark subjects and I hope at the end of the day you can go away thinking about what you had just read. These chapters aren't meant to be skimmed through in ten minutes and have the reader walk away feeling good. The goal of this story is to make the reader think. On that note, I'm not going to build up suspense to a bad scene and then cut it out. It's not something I feel comfortable doing anymore, and I'm not doing it. If you don't feel comfortable reading this story, that is fine. Just realized you have been warned about what is inside of it.

Edhen Dath Will Have The Following:

  • Familial Abuse
  • Depictions of Mental Illness 
  • Violence
  • Cursing
  • Sexual Assault
  • Death and Suicides
  • Miscarriages
  • Sexual Content 

This list can change at any time. As these topics are triggers for people, I will include a warning on them though Generation 1 currently touches one heavily. This story will not be watered down.

(Recently added to the list of doom: Sexual Content. Look guys, I'm going to be honest here. If I'm writing sexual assault but not open to writing sexual content then there is something wrong there. If you don't feel comfortable about it and to be honest, it's a bit uncomfortable for me writing it right now then I respect that, but babies don't come from the sky, folks. Just...bear with me.) 

Updated: 5/13/17

*Any characters that look or resemble those in real life is a complete coincidence. That includes names. If any of these things are not a coincidence on my part, then I asked permission.*
*This story is no longer being updated. Some of these warnings no longer apply.*


  1. You're gonna kick ass, Mpart! You're too good a writer not to!!!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad to finally write the scenes that aren't exactly the definition of PG. (In terms of violence and everything)


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